Maintain your vehicle’s integrity and efficiency

Our scheduled maintenance programs are designed to optimize the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. We offer 2 separate service schedules: BMW Inspection 1 and BMW Inspection 2. Inspection 1, also known as the Minor Service, is the smaller of the two services that focuses on everyday performance and safety. Inspection 2, also known as the Major Service, is a more comprehensive service that includes everything in Inspection 1 with some additional items. For vehicles equipped with Condition-Based Service (CBS), first introduced in the 2002 BMW 7 series, service schedules are dramatically simplified. This intelligent maintenance system will inform you four weeks in advance when a service is due and what component needs a check. For non-BMW’s, scheduled maintenance will generally include new spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters, oil changes, and valve adjustments according to your vehicle manufacturer’s tune-up program.

BMW Inspection 1 (Inspection I)

Inspection 1 serves as a check-up to optimize the everyday performance of your BMW and ensures that your safety systems are in working order. Inspection 1 is a forerunner to Inspection 2 which is done at a higher mileage. The service schedule for Einstein’s inspections varies based on the age of your vehicle. Below is a breakdown of what’s included in Inspection 1:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Verify engine is running at the correct temperature
  • Power steering system and rear axle check
  • Transmission leak check
  • Visual check of fuel connections, lines, and tanks for leaks
  • Complete check of exhaust system for leaks, positioning, mounting, and overall condition
  • Front control arm and bushing check
  • Overall condition check of the steering system
  • Examination of brake discs and brake pads
  • Examination of brake lines and clutch system connectors
  • Positioning and movement check of parking brake cables
  • Tire pressure check, including spare tire
  • Examination of tire tread and wear
  • Diagnostic system and fault code scans
  • Check and top up fluid levels: antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, and washer fluid
  • Engine cooling system and heater hose connections examination
  • A/C check and battery load test
  • Interior and exterior lighting check; indicator, instrument panel, and dashboard illumination and control check
  • Washer and wiper system check, examine doors and closures, and grease hood, door, and trunk latches
  • Safety belt functionality check and visual inspection of air bag units
  • Heater, air blowers, and defogger functionality check, and mirror operation check
  • Reset Service Indicator
  • Road test to verify all check points and proper working order

BMW Inspection 2 (Inspection II)

Inspection 2 is the larger of the two inspections. This inspection serves as a comprehensive vehicle tune-up that includes all of the items performed in the Inspection 1 with the following additional items:

  • Parking brake lining inspection
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Flexible boot examination
  • Car body inspection for rust
  • Differentials oil change
  • Transmission service (manual transmission vehicles)